Brogan Safety Supply and Blackline Safety are pleased to invite you to learn about our new and upcoming product launches for 2021, with a particular focus on the Blackline G7 EXO area monitor.

Blackline Air MonitorG7 EXO is a next-generation area monitor with 3G/4G cellular connectivity that operates on more than 350 mobile networks and across more than 100 countries. Never before has area monitoring been this robust, yet more considerate of customers’ diverse needs. With direct-to-cloud connectivity, G7 EXO eliminates the need for mesh networks that limit the range between devices, restrict the number of devices on a network and impose a maximum number of hops that a message can take before being dropped. The need for Wi-Fi networks is removed—resulting in an area monitor that can be set up in one tenth of the time of a traditional area monitor, while delivering unsurpassed connectivity.

This is a pre-recorded webinar that can be viewed at your convenience.

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