Sales and service of all 3 major brands of respiratory equipment: 3M Scott, MSA, and Draëger.


Sales, service, and warranty center for many of the top brands.

Fit testing

Quantitative fit testing is available at all our locations. In-house or on-site!


Sales, inspections, and recertifications for many fall protection products.


Coveralls, FR clothing, hearing protection, boots and traction aids, gloves, hard hats, eye protection, and so much more!


NFPA certified equipment and turnout gear, extraction and recovery tools, boots, gloves, helmets, and more!


Sales, inspections, and full service available for all current brands of reusable portable fire extinguishers.


SCBA, SABA, air carts, gas monitors, and specialty equipment.


In-house made or sourced safety signage. All sizes and customizations available.

100% Safety. 100% Expertise

Who We Are

As an industry leader in safety supplies and related services, it is our mission to provide high-level technical expertise to all facets of industry and municipality, assisting customers to identify hazards and mitigate risks.

Safety is our passion. Or goal, like yours is to make sure we do everything within our scope to ensure your most important assets, your people, make it home safely at the end of each day.

Our Advantage

Safety is ingrained in our company culture. Brogan isn't the buildings we occupy or the people at the top of the company; it's each and every one of our team members. We strive to represent safety in everything we do.

Our sales representatives and service technicians are highly trained by the manufacturers and certified (where applicable), thus ensuring all regulatory, code, and manufacturer requirements are understood and met.

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Customer Tracking


We offer customer inventory and compliance reporting of safety equipment such as fire extinguishers and breathing air equipment for your track-ability.