Fit Testing

Guarantee your employee safety.

To see a list of services available, find your nearest branch and visit their page

At Brogan we understand our customers requirements and therefore have continued to offer fit testing services during these challenging times.

As a result of the pandemic we have implemented an even more stringent set of parameters to minimize any risk to our staff and clients requiring fit testing at our facility.

The following is a comprehensive list of steps that we have taken.

  • Fit Testers will wear masks, gloves and other required PPE.
  • All masks are being taken apart, sanitized/ cleaned and repackaged as per manufacturer specifications after each fit test.
  • Upon booking fit test, clients are given a verbal list of requirements which include;
    • Must be clean shaven.
    • Not have smoked within 30 min.
    • Only one person in the fit test room at a time for multiple clients and if possible bring their own mask.
    • If Multiple clients require fit testing you may be asked to wait outside or in your vehicle until we are ready for your test.
    • Clients who bring masks will be issued disinfecting wipes and must clean their masks before transporting through the brogan showroom.
  • Brogan will no longer be providing shaving gear or washroom facilities for shaving. If clients that drop in and need to shave they must do so outside of Brogan and rebook the fit test.
  • All work clothing such as coveralls, welding gear, rubber boots and any work gear containing contaminants like condi, grease and/ oil, dirt, grime must be removed outside and are not permitted in the fit test area.
  • Brogan reserves the right to refuse fit testing to anyone who is showing signs of coughing and/or any form of sickness..

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us

Fit testing Image

Fit Testing is done by qualified personnel and can be performed either onsite or at any of our branch locations. We can perform mask fit testing with any manufacturer face piece, such as North, MSA, Scott and Drager. Walk-ins welcome, however appointments should be made for more than 1 mask or 1 person.

Note: The person getting tested cannot have more than 24 hours of facial hair growth, be asthmatic or show signs of being claustrophobic.

To learn more about our Fit Testing training program, please contact us.