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  • Breathing Air +

    Onsite Repair & Maintenance Services

    Our certified technicians can visit your location to test and perform warranty work on Drager, SCOTT and MSA breathing apparatuses.

    Our onsite breathing air services include:

    • Perform flow check certification of SCBA/SABA (MSA, Drager, Scott) on Posi-check test bench
    • Provide detailed report of test, certification for each unit, including hydrotest information on cylinder
    • Change out/refill air in cylinders up to 4500 psi
    • All face pieces cleaned and disinfected, as well as certified through test bench
    • Provide up to date air analysis for breathing air—all cylinders tagged
    • Breathing air equipment, where possible
    • Scheduled (monthly, etc.) checks can be arranged to perform cleaning/disinfecting of face pieces, refill air, take inventory, etc.
    • Detailed inventory taken of all equipment and provided to Delegate

    Contact us to learn more about any of our onsite breathing air services.

  • Gas Detection +

    Onsite Gas Repair & Maintenance Services

    Factory trained and certified technicians can perform a variety of services for the repair and maintenance of your gas detection equipment, onsite. We are an authorized distributor for BW Technologies, MSA, Drager, GFG, RKI, and Gas Clip Technologies.

    Our services include:

    • Calibrating equipment according to manufacturers' specifications
    • Passing on warranty replacements and manufacturer recalls to proper delegates and action taken on customer’s behalf
    • Cleaning & calibration, documentation, and record keeping of service on EACH unit
    • MOST repairs can be done onsite
    • Scheduled onsite downloading of docking stations report compiled and forwarded to appropriate personnel

    To learn more about our onsite gas detection equipment services, please contact us.

  • Fire Extinguisher +

    Onsite Fire Extinguisher Services

    Trained and certified technicians can provide a variety of annual fire extinguisher services onsite to ensure adequate fire coverage. All testing is performed according to code and inventories are taken to record the last date of service, when the last hydro was completed and when it is next due.

    Hydrotesting of carbon dioxide extinguishers and refilling co2 extinguishers must be performed at our facilities, while low pressure hydro, refill and re-charging can be performed in our trucks.

    • Technicians certified and qualified to NFPA and Warnock Hersey standards

    Fire hoses also require regular inspection:

    • NFPA 1961, requires an unfurling, visual inspection and re-racking of fire hose nozzles, and accessories
    • NFPA 1962 requires hydrostatic testing of hoses 5 years from the initial date of manufacture, and every 3 years thereafter

    Our onsite fire hose services include:

    • Detailed report and inventory list compiled
    • Can hydrotest up to 4 hoses simultaneously
    • Replacement hoses available

    Please contact us for more information.

  • Fall Arrest +

    Onsite Fall Arrest Equipment Repair & Maintenance Services

    Fall arrest equipment requires annual third party inspection and documentation, while Class II and III SRL's require re-certification by the manufacturer on an annual basis. We provide onsite inspection of 'soft goods' for fall arrest equipment.

    To learn more about the fall arrest equipment services we can provide onsite, please contact us.

  • Fit Testing +

    Onsite Fit Testing Services

    Qualified technicians can provide fit testing services onsite, using any manufacturer face piece (different sizes and styles).

    • Quantitative using the Porta count
    • Detailed fit test results provided to designate, plastic wallet cards provided to each participant once test is completed

    For more information on our onsite fit testing services, please contact us.

  • Emergency Lighting +

    Onsite Emergency Lighting Inspection Services

    We are equipped to perform required monthly and annual emergency lighting systems tests and inspections. All testing is performed in accordance with NFPA 101 and a detailed report and inventory list is compiled. We will provide a certificate of inspection for each light.
    To learn more, please contact us.

  • Compressor/Air System Service +

    Onsite Compressor/Air System Services

    Our Jordair and Scott certified compressor technicians can perform scheduled maintenance for high and low pressure breathing air systems. We are equipped to take low and high pressure air samples and can design and install cascade systems for filling or supplied air.

    To learn more about our onsite compressor/air system services, please contact us.

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