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  • Fit Testing
  • Fall Arrest Inspections
  • Gas Detection
    repair, calibrate, function test
  • Breathing Air
    flow testing, repairs, inspections, cleaning
  • Hydrotesting Cylinders
  • Compressor/Air System service
  • Fire Extinguishers
    inspections, repairs, cleaning
  • On-site Services
    our technicians come to your location to inspect & repair breathing air, gas detection, fall arrest, and emergency lighting inspections
  • Asset Management Program
    Building Reports Canada
  • Safety Signage
  • Training
    online everywhere, Whitecourt in person


  • SCBA's
  • SABA's
  • Breathing Air Carts
  • Personal Gas Monitors
  • Pumped Gas Monitors/Purge Monitors
  • Area Monitors
  • NORM Meter
  • Tripod & Winch
  • Fall Arrest Harnesses
  • Road Block Kits